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Fire / Poi : spectrumdanceco

Fire / Poi

Poi is a form of juggling and it is fun! Balls suspended from ropes are swung in a circular pattern and the motion increases flexibility, strength, and coordination. Poi is an ancient art originating in the indigenous Maori culture of New Zealand. It was historically used by Maori women to keep their hands flexible for weaving and by Maori men who benefitted from increased strength and coordination during battle. Today it has become a form of fitness, art, and dance.

As a Certified Poi Instructor, Courtney will show you the basic moves, including: butterfly, the weave, corkscrew, and planes.

For those who want to take their Poi practice to the next level, Courtney can also teach fire safety. She will happily walk you through the necessary steps for you to “light up with fire”!

Poi and fire spinning are moving across cultures as people become exposed to this challenging and fun art form. No experience is necessary. From beginner to advanced, Courtney can design a course that will be both fun and challenging.

Practice poi are for sale by request.